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Westford Township Information
Gary Curfman
11732 Klang Dr
Cazenovia, WI 53924
Telephone: (608) 983-2375
Cyril Deitelhoff
30824 Cty Hwy II
Cazenovia, WI 53924
John Sheahan
33904 Co. Hwy S
Cazenovia, WI 53924
Telephone: (608) 986-5274
Judy C. Thompson
32255 Co. Hwy II
Cazenovia, WI 53924
Telephone: (608) 983-2344
Email: jicgtjjsa@gmail.com
Sonya Klang
11604 Klang Acres Lane
Cazenovia, WI 53924
Telephone: (608) 983-2284
Associated Appraisal Consultants
Bernie Laird, 1314 W. College Ave.
Appleton, WI 54914
Telephone: (800) 721-4157

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