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Volunteer Opportunities

Driver Escort Program:

Volunteer Driver. Use your own vehicle to transport an elderly or disabled person to medical appointments, to help someone with low vision attend a support group, and so much more. Mileage reimbursement provided. You assist on your schedule. For more information contact the Transportation Coordinator at 647-4616.


When an adult does not have the mental capacity to make their own decisions, the Adult Protective Services Social Worker will petition the court to appoint a guardian. We are seeking individuals who are trustworthy, caring, helpful and compassionate. A guardian has no financial responsibility or obligation to provide direct care to the individual. A guardian's role is to be an advocate regarding health and financial matters, making decisions in the person best interest and assisting the person in navigating through tough decisions. The Adult Protective Services Social Worker will provide support and training on the role and duties of a guardian. For more information contact the Adult Protective Services Social Worker at 647-4616.

Committee Members:

Committee members provide the voice of our Richland County citizens into the delivery of services at the ADRC. Per diem and mileage reimbursement are provided. Community members are encouraged to inquire about periodic opportunities for appointment to the following committees:

  • Transportation Coordinating Committee This Committee oversees the Driver Escort program and the coordination of transportation service in Richland County. Please contact the ADRC Manager at 647-4616.
  • Commission on Aging and Disability This Commission advises on program services for the Aging and Disability Resource Center. Please contact the ADRC Manager at 647-4616.
  • Regional Aging and Disability Resource Center Governing Board This Board provides oversight for the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Southwest Wisconsin-North serving Crawford, Richland, Sauk and Juneau Counties. Please contact the Regional ADRC Manager at 608-547-0546.

Driver for Meal on Wheels:

Deliver meals to homebound individuals within the city limits of Richland Center - Monday thru Friday - no holidays. Routes can be delivered in less than one hour.

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For Emergency Services:
Concerns involving suicide, mental health, addiction, and other crisis situations to speak with a crisis professional.
Contact the Richland County Sheriff's Department for concerns involving child abuse or neglect to request the Children's Services On-Call Worker.
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