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Richland County Health & Human Services Benefits
Health Insurance: Richland County participates in the Wisconsin Public Employer's Group Health Insurance Program. Employees can choose from a variety of excellent single or family health plans. Some health plans are covered 90% by Richland County, while others vary in cost depending on the type of plan chosen.
Dental Insurance: Dental Insurance is covered 100% by Richland County.
Retirement Fund: Retirement Fund: Employees are covered by the Wisconsin Retirement Plan. Richland County pays for the employer share and employee share. Total currently calculated at approximately 12.1% of salary.
Holiday Pay: Ten paid holidays per year.
Sick Leave: Employees earn one working day for each complete month of service to a maximum of 126 days.
Vacation: Employees receive vacations with pay based on length of service:
              1 year of service     1 week of vacation
              2 years of service     2 week of vacation
              6 years of service     3 week of vacation
              12 years of service     4 week of vacation
              23 years of service     5 week of vacation
Life Insurance: After completion of the probationary period, employees are eligible for life insurance coverage equal to one year’s salary. This life insurance premium is paid for in part by Richland County and in part by the employee.
Dependent Life Insurance: Dependent life insurance is available as an employee option and entirely at employee expense.
Credit Union/Deferred Compensation: Employees may have money deducted from their paycheck to go to the Westby Credit Union for a savings plan or for a Deferred Compensation Plan upon the filing of appropriate forms with the County Clerk’s Office.
Loss of Time Coverage: Loss of Time Coverage is available as an employee option and entirely at employee expense.
Flexible Spending Account: Available as an employee option and entirely at employee expense.
Note: These benefits are based on full-time employment. Part-time positions may or may not be eligible for certain benefits.

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Health & Human Services
221 W. Seminary Street
Richland Center, WI 53581
Phone: 608-647-8821
Fax: 608-647-6611
Aging, Disability, & Resource Center
Phone: 608-647-4616
Fax: 608-647-6611
For Emergency Services:
Concerns involving suicide, mental health, addiction, and other crisis situations to speak with a crisis professional.
Contact the Richland County Sheriff's Department for concerns involving child abuse or neglect to request the Children's Services On-Call Worker.
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