• Before Memorial Day.
  • Before Independence Day.
  • Before Labor Day or soon after.

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The Richland County Highway Department Adopt-A-Highway Program:

The program was initiated to provide for litter pick-up along State and County roadsides and the opportunity for roadside beautification by our local volunteer organizations. The program consists of a volunteer group picking litter off the right-of-way for a section of road which they have adopted. That section of road is around two miles in length. We recommend that three pickups be done each year.

dot Before Memorial Day.
dot Before Independence Day.
dot Before Labor Day or soon after.

The Richland County Highway Department will provide a packet containing a safety brochure, clean-up report cards, and a video to each group. The safety vests, garbage bags, and portable warning signs (Men Working) neccessary for the pickups are provided to the group, as are the permanent signs which are placed on the right-of-way. These signs indicate the name of the group adopting the section of road as well as containing a warning sign to motorists when a litter pickup is in progress.

Downsizing and other priorities have made it nearly impossible for full-time highway staff to pick up roadside litter as part of spring cleanup or general roadside maintenance. Our local volunteer organizations are able to provide a service to the public that otherwise could not be provided by the Richland County Highway staff. Through their efforts, volunteer groups are able to demonstrate community service. The Program has been a success with current participation by over 35 groups from around the County. Roadsides are less littered, and removal of objects along the roadside provides both a safer and cleaner environment for motorists, bikers, and pedestrians alike.

If there are any questions regarding the Adopt-A-Highway Program for County roads, or if a group is interested in adopting a section of road, please contact the Richland County Highway Department at 608-647-4707.


An "Adopt-A-Highway" group must follow these steps:

dot The group representative must sign the Adopt-A-Highway Agreement.

dot Once the "Paper work" is completed, a representative of the Richland County Highway Department will meet with the group leader or designated representative to discuss the type of work to be done and any other matters relating to safety on the County Roads.

dot The County will install an appropriate sign at the work site.

dot The County's representative (if it is the group's first activity) or the group's safety designee, must go over safety rules with all participants before proceeding to the highway section. All participants must wear the orange vests provided. Heavy shoes and gloves are also recommended. The group shall provide adult supervision.

dot The group will then take a reasonable amount of time to accomplish their tasks. The group shall place filled trash bags along the right-of-way and are required to notify the Richland County Highway Department when they have completed the section.

dot The Richland County Highway Department will remove the filled trash bags as soon as possible after the pickup.

Adopt A Highway Memo

Adopt A Highway Agreement