Community Services Building Office     
221 West Seminary Street Phone:  (608) 647-8821    
Richland Center, WI 53581 Fax:      (608) 647-6611  
Health & Human Services Extensions    
Tricia Clements 5935 Director    
Administrative Services    
Annalie Winsor  5944 Secretary  
Shari Hauser  5923 LTE Secretary  
Meghan Rohn 5934 Confidential Administrative Secretary    
Jaymie Bruckner  5943 Confidential Administrative Secretary  
Aging & Disability Resource Center   Toll Free# 1-877-794-2372  
  Phone:  (608) 647-4616      
Roxanne Klubertanz-Gerber 5949 Aging & Disability Resource Center Manager  
Linda Batten 5920 Secretary  
Karla Scott 5942 Clerical Assistant II  
Kayla Williams 5948 Disability Benefit Specialist  
Joanne Welsh 5952 Elderly Benefit Specialist  
Cassie Sanders 5954 Information & Assistance Specialist  
Nichole Gaudette 5956 Information & Assistance Specialist  
Tanya Van Risseghem-Webster 5937 Nutrition Program Coordinator
Child & Youth Services       
Jessica Tisdale  5708 Child & Youth Services Manager  
Brittney Wirtz 5710 Child & Youth Services Supervisor  
Marissa Banker  5709 Child & Youth Case Manager  
Kiah Holtzman  5705 Child & Youth Case Manager  
Shelby Miller 5712 Child & Youth Case Manager  
Eric Ives 5711 Youth Aide Worker  
Rhonda Fradette  5716 Family Preservation Worker  
Behavioral Health Services      
Brandi Christianson 5784 Behavioral Health Services Manager  
Laurie Couey  5714 Children's Long-Term Support & Birth to 3 Supervisor  
Sharon Pasold  5938 Business Systems Analyst  
Dr. Thomas Trannel Clinical Director and Psychiatrist   
Dr. Marianne Tateosian Psychiatrist  
Dr. Dean Saner Psychologist  
Hailey Schneider Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner  
MacKenzie Fischer   5706 Mental Health Therapist  
Bryanna Miller  5778 Mental Health Therapist  
Amber Peters 5777 Mental Health Case Manager  
Beth Muth 5765 Mental Health Case Manager  
Michael Schwichtenberg 5766 Mental Health Case Manager  
Alice Retrum  5752 Psychiatric Nurse
Emily Shelton  5713 Children’s Long Term Support Case Manager  
Emily Phelps  5703 CLTS & BT3 Case Manager  
Cindy Bromeland 5797 APS Worker  
Brandon Alexander  5781 APS/Crisis Professional  
Allicia Woodhouse 5715 CST Coordinator  
Savanah DuCharme  5792 Treatment Court Coordinator  
Business & Financial Services      
Stephanie Ronnfeldt 5751 Business & Financial Services Manager  
Deb Dittmer  5930 Fiscal Specialist  
Kathy Dobbs 5929 Fiscal Specialist  
Nicole Chitwood 5945 Fiscal Specialist  
Economic Support      
Briana Turk 5721 Economic Support Manager  
Darin Steinmetz 5725 Economic Support Lead Worker  
Barb Ottesen Economic Support Specialist  
Becky Dalberg Economic Support Specialist  
Darien Ostrowski Economic Support Specialist  
Kelly Mormann Economic Support Specialist  
Caylie Wolf Economic Support Specialist
Amanda Oman Economic Support Specialist
Hannah Hilleshiem Economic Support Specialist
Billy Cordero-Soto Economic Support Specialist
Crystal Adams Economic Support Specialist
Mark Tracy Economic Support Specialist
Koral Spilde Economic Support Specialist
Lori Brinkley Economic Support Specialist
Sydney Meeker Economic Support Specialist  
Public Health & Nutrition     
Brandie Anderson 5789 RN/Public Health Manager
Betty Nigh 5966 Public Health Nurse
Evan Ewing 5965 Public Health Specialist
Rose Welsh 5782 Public Health Specialist
Troy Moris 5969 Environmental Health Consultant